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Sean Sabre Joins Startup Maryland as Guest-Mentor for “Raise Your Game” Bootcamp Session

Fourth Raise Your Game Session Focuses on “How to Virtualize Your Startup” as an Entrepreneur Starting a New Venture

2013 10 16 Sean Sabre Startup MD RYG (Photo 1 JPG)Startup Maryland (startupmd.org), an initiative of UpGlobal-Startup America (www.up.co), today announced that Sean Sabre will participate as the fourth guest-mentor instructor for Raise Your Game

Raise Your Game is Startup Maryland’s bootcamp initiative developed to provide the entrepreneurial community with a structured educational program and to help startup CEOs and founders understand and employ the building blocks of strong startups and startup communities.  The new twist for this bootcamp is that the sessions will be proctored/taught by experienced (often serial) entrepreneurs who are very well-recognized and respected.

Mr. Sabre is a recognized thought leader in the areas of supply chain and logistics management as these topics relate to high-growth businesses with over 15 years of diverse management experience in supply chain outsourcing in the aerospace, telecommunications, electronics, software and white goods industries.  In his current role as SVP with TBB Global Logistics, his group develops supply chain solutions and delivers supply chain outsourced services for small to mid-size enterprises from scaling domestic start-ups to managing global networks for established businesses.

Sean has managed the contracting of outsourced supply chain services while working for large multi-national manufacturers such as Robert Bosch Corporation and Siemens AG and has managed supply chain outsourced service delivery via managing share service organizations within the 4PL space for clients such as Nortel, Boeing, Apple, Microsoft, Intel, AMD, Western Digital, Sony, AT&T, Motorola, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Sun Microsystems, Kodak, etc.  Sean has experience in the successful contracting and servicing for warehousing, transportation, material and production planning, bill of material workflow management, packaging design, commodity management and supply chain engineering.

Sean has been an advisor to many retailers in regards to supply chain including his current advisory role on the Wal-Mart SVN, he and his team have been profiled in various media outlets including Industry Week and Sean has participated as a supply chain tract guest speaker at various industry events over the past 5 years including ISTA, the World Trade Group and the Entertainment Supply Chain Academy.

“With the rapid globalization of commerce in the past 20 years, it is very realistic for any startup to go to market with ambitions to distribute their goods/services on an international basis,” stated Michael Binko, president / CEO of kloudtrack and Co-Chair of Startup Maryland.  “The challenges for startups and high-growth companies is resource management and knowing how to leverage virtual services that often allow their ventures to stay focused on core capabilities.  Sean’s experiences with global leaders sets a framework for his current efforts to bring these skills and services to startups and high growth companies looking to spread their wings.”

A Roadmap to Raising Your Game as an Entrepreneur

Beginning with the first session on July 25, 2013 which featured Under Armour founder/CEO, Kevin Plank, Raise Your Game consists of 6 monthly educational “bootcamp” programs emphasizing the critical components of building successful companies.

The 6 primary topics of the Raise Your Game bootcamp include:

  • CEO 101 (7/25) – How to be a strong startup CEO and team leader (Kevin Plank)
  • Starting Up (8/15) – Best practices forming startups / avoiding pitfalls (Lily Bengfort)
  • Planning for Financial Success (9/19) – Financial Models, Cap. Tables (Scott Case)
  • Virtualizing Your Company (10/17) – Lean Startup approach / outsourcing (Sean Sabre)
  • Go-to-Market Strategies (11/21) – Sales, marketing, PR, channel / distribution
  • Raising Capital and Exit Roadmapping (12/19) – Lifecycle stages, financing options, exits

Registration can be found at: https://startupmdraiseyourgame.eventbrite.com

Raise Your Game is the first component of Startup Maryland’s Coaching initiative.  Coaching joins Connection, Celebration and Capital as four primary Areas of Concentration for Startup Maryland throughout 2013 and beyond.  These four guiding initiatives were officially announced at a White House reception, during which Startup Maryland highlighted past successes and future plans for Presidential advisors and officials from several government agencies.

“No matter whether entrepreneurs are just starting out with an idea or ready to inflect their startup into hyper-growth, Raise Your Game provides perspective and knowledge for leader-peers at all stages,” stated Michael Binko, founder and co-chair, Startup Maryland.

Upon successful completion of the full Raise Your Game program, graduate-CEOs will join an exclusive alumni network.  To learn more, watch the video replay of an informative Raise Your Game video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqiJG5hXI3g&feature=c4-overview&list=UUJ1CerRXLIC4zfEF5hZ97cA

Empowering Entrepreneur Champions

Over the past year, Startup Maryland cultivated a campaign to engage its participants as Entrepreneur Champion leaders for the Startup Maryland initiative.  Startup Maryland held a series of Champion sessions during which a Theme and Areas of Focus were identified and prioritized.  The Connection and Coaching/Mentorship aspects of building strong startup communities compliment the Celebration and Capital Access goals forming the four pillars of the Startup Maryland mission – Connection / Coaching / Celebration / Capital.

Looking for other startup/entrepreneur guidance and resources?  Join the Startup Maryland entrepreneurial community.  Learn more at http://startupmd.org

About Startup Maryland:

Startup Maryland (startupmd.org) is a regions initiative launched out of UpGlobal – an entity fostered jointly by the Case Foundation and The Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurship.  Startup Maryland is an initiative FOR entrepreneurs BY entrepreneurs to bring entrepreneurial resources together, improve awareness/celebration and increase access to capital / deal flow and mentorship, while also bringing together entrepreneurs in a community of support to drive greater economic outcomes.

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