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Driven from within the startup community and led by/for entrepreneurs, Startup Maryland is peer-driven and focused on high-growth ventures. Forged on the themes spawned by national initiatives, Startup Maryland strives to connect innovation communities.  

We recognize the importance of founding-entrepreneurs, startup, ramp-up and speedup companies to the innovation economy. Startup Maryland rallies entrepreneurs, supporters and other innovation stakeholders around four main mission themes:  Celebration | Coaching | Curation | Capital


Michael Binko

Michael Binko is a co-founder and CEO of Startup Maryland; he is also co-Founder and Board Member of Startup Champions Network (previously Startup America); he is president/CEO, angel investor and a member of the Board of Directors for kloudtrack® — a leading provider of cloud-based cybersecurity, GRC data and process management technologies and solution services. Binko is a serial entrepreneur and startup Ecosystem Builder having joined PSINet as an early employee, taking the company public on NASDAQ (PSIX) and running Corporate Ventures after subsequently raising more than $1.2 Billion on the capital markets. After exiting PSINet, Binko joined other Internet innovators in founding LaunchFuel (www.launchfuel.com) one of the first startup accelerators on the East Coast while also raising a micro-VC fund Gemini Ventures. Portfolio promarily concentrated around ASP, cloud, software, Internetworking, electronic commerce, artificial intelligence, database management, big data and cybersecurity. Binko is an active angel investor and via Startup Maryland founded and proctors the Angel Academy bootcamp for serial entrepreneurs, wealth advisors, home office managers, NGOs and high-net-worth individuals.

Julie Lenzer

Julie Lenzer is a tireless advocate for entrepreneurs and focused on igniting innovation-based cultures while bringing together ecosystems to drive economic change. She’s currently the first Chief Innovation Officer for the University of Maryland. as well as Associate Vice President for Innovation and Economic Development and Co-Director of UM Ventures. Previously, Julie was a Presidential appointment to lead the EDA team of the United States Department of Commerce. Before becoming a Federal public-servant, Julie ran the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship. She is also a published author and a serial entrepreneur.

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