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Driven from within the startup community and led by/for entrepreneurs, Startup Maryland is peer-driven and focused on high-growth ventures. Forged on the themes spawned by national initiatives, Startup Maryland strives to connect innovation communities.  

We recognize the importance of founding-entrepreneurs, startup, ramp-up and speedup companies to the innovation economy. Startup Maryland rallies entrepreneurs, supporters and other innovation stakeholders around four main mission themes:  Celebration | Coaching | Curation | Capital


Mike Binko

Michael Binko is president/CEO, angel investor and a member of the Board of Directors for kloudtrack® — a leading provider of cloud-based GRC data and process management technologies and solution services.

Julie Lenzer

Julie Lenzer is tireless advocate for entrepreneurs and focused on igniting innovation-based cultures while bringing together ecosystems to drive economic change. She’s currently the Associate Vice President for Innovation and Economic Development and Co-Director of UM Ventures.

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