Where My Pitches @ !!! Time to Rock Your Votes for 2014 Participants …


OK everybody . . . you’ve been very patient.


So without further adieu, we at Startup Maryland are delighted to announce that the 2014 Pitch Across Maryland videos are now up and available @ our Startup Maryland YouTube Channel.


As you know, two separate competitions define the second stage of the Pitch Across Maryland.  The first competition is a fun thing we refer to as the Fan Favorite.  To be the winner of the Fan Favorite you need to get the word out about your video and let all your family, friends, fans, pets know that your video is now available for their viewing pleasure.


Mobilize your social networks (or knitting club) pals to Rock Your Vote.  Your Tour Stop Co-Hosts will be doing the same on your behalf and have “bragging rights” at stake being able to “claim” the Fan Favorite emerged out of their ranks.


The Fan Favorite tallying will continues for the full month after the Pitch Across Maryland tour ends.  Shortly there-after the Fan Favorites will be announced to much fan-fare.


Sorry, it is not for big money and prizes, instead, just a fun thing we decided to do during the period when our panel of experts (investors / serial entrepreneurs) will also be reviewing each video and selecting our Eight Finalist (a.k.a. The Great 8).


The Great 8 will be invited to TEDCO’s Entrepreneur Expo (www.innovatemd.com) in November and given the opportunity to “pitch” the full conference on their venture and the opportunities ahead.  More details on that to come . . .


All Right . . . Now Get Out of Your Shell and “Rock Your Vote”


For those of you who are new to this, below are some sample links and simple steps you can use to find the Pitch Videos.


Here is the link to the Startup Maryland YouTube Channel (and more importantly) the direct link to the Playlist Page:



Here is a "Screen Capture" of the Startup Maryland YouTube Playlist Page

Here is a “Screen Capture” of the Startup Maryland YouTube Playlist Page


Steps to find individual pitch videos:

  • Click on the above link and you will be taken directly to the Playlist Page for Startup Maryland
  • Individual Pitch Across Maryland videos are included under a Playlist for each Tour Stop location
    • For example: if you pitched in Salisbury, your video will be found under the “Salisbury” Playlist
  • Click the Playlist “title” (a Hyperlink) and then you will see the individual pitch videos below — scroll down/up to see them


Views/Likes are what are being tallied for the Fan Favorite designation.


For those of you who were pitch participants you can “grab” your video in two ways:

  1. Click the Share icon
  2. Copy the URL when your individual video is open on the YouTube page, or
  3. Click the “Embed” button and a window will appear below the video box that has HTML code that you can “copy / paste” to use on your own Web site


Big thank you to everyone who helped make the Pitch Across Maryland another huge success this year — particularly WithTheFilm and WePlan-YouParty.  We look forward to “Celebrating and Storytelling” together over the next couple of months and look forward again to making next year bigger and better!


Kind regards,

Mike and the team of Startup Maryland Champions