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No, we are not talking about the Knitting Club’s annual trip to Horseshoe for hot slots action.  We are talking about the Pitch Across Maryland.

Hello Startup Maryland friends, peers, colleagues, partners and supporters.   We know everyone has been anxious for details about this year’s Pitch Across Maryland tour.  Not long from now we will hold our official kick-off Coastal Tour Stop in Pocomoke City .

So, dust off your business plans and throw away your PowerPoint presentations!!

This is the Pitch Across Maryland.  We’ll be scouring the state again over three weeks (Sept.14 – Oct. 2) looking to find the undiscovered gems of entrepreneurship and innovation.  And when we do find you … we will be giving you the BIG A$$ virtual megaphone of promotion that is the Pitch Across Maryland.                      —  Mike Binko, CEO of kloudtrack® | Founder and CEO of Startup Maryland


2015 Tour Dates and Locations



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A Link to a summary of previous Pitch Across Maryland Tours Follows:
Previously, we had more than 150 startups pitch on the bus in each of the first three years and we expect a similar turn-out this year.

You may be asking yourself, “Did they just say that there were 150+ pitches last year?”    Absolutely!!

As we have been saying to news media, politicos, business peers and ecosystem partners from Day One, we were blown-away not only by the density and volume of innovation being developed across Maryland, but also the quality of the ideas/products/companies.  Even more, the enthusiasm of the entrepreneurs and management teams, themselves, has been electric!

If you missed last year’s Pitch Across Maryland, check out the great startup videos we assembled and posted for the 2 Video Pitch Competitions — Fan Favorites and Great 8 Finalists.

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This year, we are expecting similar discoveries and another vibrant month of focusing the attention on all Maryland is cultivating in a wide variety of industries and innovation categories.

The Pitch Across Maryland tour is a celebration and series of promotional rallies (Tour Stops) throughout the region.  This year, Startup Maryland will again present the Innovation Celebration party which will be hosted jointly with our friends @ Betamore+BetaCity, CityGarage+UnderArmour and  Baltimore Innovation Week+Technical.ly Baltimore. 

This year’s Pitch Across Maryland is going to be bigger and better and rightly placing the spotlight on the vitality of Maryland’s innovation economy.

So What Now … ?!?!

If you are interested in getting involved, you are a little late to the game but don’t fret.

For entrepreneurs, check out the following Registration Link if you are interested in pitching:


While the number of pitch slots at each Tour Stop is limited and only available to qualified and registered entrepreneurs/startups, we would love to hear from you and learn more about your ideas, companies and opportunities.   We will then work to connect you with resources you need to “inflect” your startup to the next stage.

For organizations interested in being a Tour Stop Co-Host, contact Girolama Bui at gbui@startupmd.org.


Sponsors — Help us Celebrate and Boost Your Brand Affinity!

A variety of sponsorships supported the Tour and have also demonstrated their commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation in Maryland.

Click here for more detailed information on these supporters and partners.

As the Pitch Across Maryland turns into the Video Pitch Competitions several additional sponsor opportunities are also available.   Once again contact Girolama or Mike (see contact details above) to learn more.


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